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Welcome to Kenanya films. We are a new production company in Chennai and we would love to recognize the talents in the field of cinema. We strongly believe that Cinema is the only medium thorough which we could reach the huge throng.

The word "Cinema" is something which fascinates the youngest to the oldest and it's always been a trendsetting factor. Social issues, Political issues, Environmental issues and many other issues can also be addressed in the movies.

Cinema does not pay for awards but it's always rewarded for the creative ideas, storyline and other technical methods that have been used. Now Kollywood is in the verge of creating magical cinemas which is otherwise called as the "New Generation Movies".

Let's bring out the best in Tamil cinema by creating a mighty bond between the talent and Kenanya Films.

Founder Detail


We love cinema. All of it. Here we manufacture dreams.
Founded by J. Selvakumar, we at kenanya films would like to bring in many wonderful stories to life.
Starting from our very first " Thirudan Police " till the latest " Server Sundaram " , we aim at delivering diversified content with quality par excellence.
Kenanya films believes in fresh hands hence three out of four films so far is helmed by debutants.
We aim at delivering quality cinema that entertains all of the audiences. Check our projects page for our latest announcements.

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